The General Body Meeting of Swiss Malayalees Winterthur was held on 9th January 2011. The Christmas Program of 26th December 2010 was evaluated and President John Gopurathingal thanked everyone for their efforts which made the Program a great success.

On this occasion Swiss Malayalees Winterthur has elected new Office Bearers for the coming two years.Old office Bearers led by Mr. Johnson Gopurathingal, Mr.Jose Puthiydom and Mr.Sunny Chrirappurathu welcomed the new office bearers. The newly elected President thanked the outgoing office bearers for their valuable and dedicated contribution for the Club in the past years and ensured that the club functions would be conducted with great responsibility.

The new Office Bearers  as follows:

Deepa Menon(President)

Saju Menachery(Secretary)

Jayakrishnan Nair(Treasurer)


Stephen Chellakudam

Johnson Gopurathingal

Raju Kanattu

Anson Kodiyan

Xavier Pathupara


Paul Kunnumpurathu

Jacob Puthupalledathu

Sunny Chirappurathu

Sebastian Parackal

Thomas Parankeymalil


Biju Parathalackal

Livingston Thundil

Jinson Pakalomattom-Auditor

Thomas Zachariah-PRO



We, congratulate to the all new office bearers of Swiss Malayalees Winterthur.



Swiss Malayalees Winterthur Christmas Celebration 2010 

held on 26th Dec.2010 at Winterthur.


High Quality Photos by Mr.Biju Parackal

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Programme Coordinators:Anson Thomas Kodiyan,Biju Parathalackal

President: Johnson Gopurathingal ; Secretary: Jose Puthiyidom ; Treasurer : Sunny Chirappurathu

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